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Secure Capital Network offers SFR Pipeline™, a cloud-based, SaaS, portfolio management system to streamline the entire private capital real estate transaction process. SFR Pipeline™ provides powerful management tools, performance metrics and a level of efficiency and accountability that will improve the bottom line on every transaction.


Find, evaluate and close single family real estate transactions. With the SFR Pipeline™ powered by Secure Capital Network, the process of finding and evaluating groups of properties could not be easier.


Reduce the time and cost of improving the asset and get it producing income. SFR Pipeline™ makes the daunting task of managing properties in all stages of this process faster and simpler, and gives you control over your costs, deadlines and people.


Manage your portfolio of properties using the dashboards and reports like Cost to Income™ (CTI) and Time to Income™ (TTI). Drill down to see cost detail and individual asset performance.


Use the SFR Pipeline™ to easily and effectively offer properties to your own buyers, or tap into the pool of qualified buyers in the SFR Network™.The process of presenting, negotiating and closing the sale of your properties will be easier and more profitable than ever before.

SFR Pipeline
SFR Cloud Based

The true power of the Secure Capital Network platform lies in combining the powerful management capabilities of SFR Pipeline™ with SCN’s professional online marketplace, SFR Network™. This unique web-based network provides funds, buyers, sellers and service providers with a secure, efficient way to do business together.

Each party can manage their own business with a customized, private version of SFR Pipeline™, yet interact in a controlled environment through the SFR Network™ to buy and sell properties, exchange data, and provide services.